Restaurant Review #6 – Aqua: Food & Mood, Warwick


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  Aqua: Food & Mood
Jury Street
CV34 4EW
Tel: 01926 495 491



If I was a millionaire, I’d eat here every night!

Or so I said, to the restaurant manager as he came to see if we had enjoyed our meal. Enjoy is probably not strong enough a word to describe how good Aqua is.

The Mucky Badger is a great fan of Middle Eastern food, specifically Lebanese. It’s incomprehensible why there aren’t more Middle Eastern restaurants in the UK as the food is so diverse in flavour and variety. It’s kind of like a secret jewel in that those that know of Lebanese cuisine actively seek it out for themselves and delight in sharing the experience with the uninitiated. Indeed, tonight was one such occasion for the Mucky Badger’s dining companion Zoe, who, until recently, was a long term vegetarian.

Often the best places to dine are those that hide in plain sight. Aqua commands a prominent place on Jury Street and is very tastefully decorated. Middle Eastern decorations and tented ceiling compliment the cosy atmosphere and the very friendly and welcoming hosts. Quiet Lebanese music accompanies your dining experience and a wealth of choice in the menu could leave those unfamiliar with Lebanese food curious to try a bit of everything.

Fortunately Aqua offers a Mezze board for 2 providing an ample selection of dishes to titillate one’s taste buds. A selection including: Hommous, moutabel (spicy aubergine dip) , tabboulleh, falafel, sujuk (Lebanese sausage), batata harra (sautéed spicy potato), warak enab (Stuffed Vine Leaves) and kibbeh (minced lamb parcels) which is followed by a mixed grill (a showcase of Aqua’s variety of kebabs) Arabic coffee and Baklava.

As well as a fine selection of wines and drinks, including a very cheeky Lebanese beer, Aqua’s menu also includes smoothies and coffees. There really is something for everyone’s taste at Aqua. Special mention should also go to the Manager who, on finding out about Zoe’s dairy allergy came over especially to see if there was anything he could offer to replace her dessert (which I enjoyed all to myself Winking smile




Now, until tonight if anyone was to ask the Mucky Badger “What Middle Eastern restaurant would you recommend?” I would probably answer either Teste on Stoke Newington High Street or Kimo’s in Liverpool. However, in future I will extol the virtues of Aqua in Warwick.

In fact, I will even be so bold as to say that Aqua has taken the Crown of Badger Delight from the “under new management” Pen Bryn Bach in North Wales.

It has been a very long time since I’ve dined in a place where I have enjoyed and savoured every mouthful of food. But that wait has now gone. Indeed if I was an uncouth individual, I might have let out the occasional audible moan of ecstasy or even tried to wrestle the chef for his secret recipes. However the Mucky Badger is house trained and no such wrestling or moaning (at least audibly) occurred.

So if you’re planning a night out during a stay in Warwickshire, or maybe you live near by and fancy something different, I insist you give Aqua a try. The service is excellent, the food (as already mentioned) fantastic and the welcome more than special. In all I am pleased to give Aqua a firm favourite 93% score. In fact, if Mucky Badger gave awards, Aqua would have one.

Make that two.

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