Warwickshire Breakfast special–A challenge!

As well as the quest for the ultimate mixed grill, the Mucky Badger is constantly looking for the ideal Full English Breakfast. The Full English. The staple of truckers and labourers up and down the UK.

Cafés up and down the UK offer many different varieties of the Full English. But  Mucky Badgers require a little bit more magic with Full English Breakfasts. The Full English (FE) should have, but are not restricted by law to:-

Black Pudding
Fried or Scrambled Egg
Fried Bread (or Toast)
Hash browns (Optional)
and a pot or mug of Tea. 

In the past, places visited by Mucky Badgers seem to either omit the black pudding or offer it as an optional extra. Same really with the fried bread. I suppose the health fascists are keen to reduce the intake of saturated fats so that is possibly why some items on the FE are omitted, but this might just be speculation and the real reason might be something to do with popularity and marketing.

Moreover, the greasy spoon café seems to have dwindled. Now replaced by more stylish, ultra clean and healthy affairs offering sautéed brown fowl free range eggs on toasted gluten free bread platters or lightly grilled domesticated boar koftesque with orgasmic sundried tomato puree drenched haricot pulses. The dirty, the unhealthy, packed away and hidden. More so in leafy Warwickshire. Wherein the lack of proper and decent FEBs are evident. The Georgian streets of Leamington Spa, sorry, ROYAL Leamington Spa, are seemingly clear of stalwarts of British breakfast specials. But, scratch the surface, wander around on foot for a few years, and one by one, slowly, like snails on pathways, you start to notice little places where one might be able to gorge oneself on fried breakfast. Hardening the arteries and feeling truly stuffed.

Over the next few years, it is hoped that those at Mucky Badger will visit institutions throughout the county in an attempt to locate the ideal FEB in the Warwickshire area. To be honest, this has probably already been undertaken, but reviews on this site have been lacking of late. So it is hoped that the Mucky Badger will be able to attract some new recruits to write verbose reviews on Full English Breakfast vendors throughout the Warwickshire county.

If you, or someone you know, are an aspiring food writer in Warwickshire and would like to take part in the Mucky Badger Warwickshire Breakfast Special Challenge; drop me a message and we can have a chat. The best review will receive a very special prize. 

Furthermore, it is hoped that using the power of social media, a winner for the Mucky Badger’s Best breakfast in Warwickshire accolade could be found. Yes, that’s right, a prize for the café in Warwickshire that does the best Full English Breakfast!  Contact me for the terms and conditions of entry.

Reviews to follow:

  • Ye Olde Pounde Café
  • Fat Birds Café
  • Docker’s Diner
  • Murphy’s

Stay tuned; it may get nasty!

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